Monday, 22 October 2012

Its me

I would never cry bila kena hell gila gila punya hell. But I will cry when people start mumbling and comparing my uniform body with others. I would be mad if the people do despicable us. When my hand trembling, I cant hold my tears anymore. Thats my anger.

You would never understand la pakkcikk hey. Tolongla sikitt.

Then I had already given you the letter la. If you said that you didnt even receive that letter, meaning that you and your workers are trying to sabotage us. How can it be like that.

Yes, I do admit that it is our fault as it is too late giving the letter to your side. But I cant accept if you said you even didnt receive any letter from us after we had give the letter. Hey, be professional la sikit. We can have a discussion right. You are talking to 19 years old girl. Not 2 years old children. And you are not talking to people with the same level to you. Hope you sedar la lepas ni. I thought you are a proffesional, but IM WRONG !

Oh, Tuhan. Please help me, Your poor servant :'(

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syafiqah quiamco said...

Sies la die wat cmtu? Ni dah bole kne lapor nih. *bengang lak rase